The Fault In Our Burnout

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Burning out isn’t just about needing those extra hours of shut-eye during the week or a bunch of long days at the office. Burning out is the culmination of cynicism, depression and lethargy that comes with not being in control of how you carry out your work. We live in a time where work is worship. You give your all to your work, make it your passion, your responsibility and your life – so, obviously, you could easily overwork yourself.

Passion versus Paisa

The biggest and most obvious reason for a burnout is that you do not resonate with what you do. You feel no passion towards your work and it’s simply a way to make do, it brings in the bucks and that’s enough. But it is not. Sometimes, there isn’t an option, there is no profession called ‘Netflix Viewing Manager’, if there was, you would nail it, no burnout and only promotions. But there isn’t, so find time for yourself, your hobbies, and your Netflix. Come back home and instead of whiling the time away just sitting on the couch (unless you feel passionate about that, go you!)  pick up the paintbrush, or sit in the park, or go for a run or a swim. Just do something that brings you peace (even if it’s momentary), something that is you.

Positive Thinking

This sounds like a cheesy solution but it works. Getting burnt out pushes you into a cycle of negativity where everything starts to close in on you, and the negativity keeps getting worse with time. Try to see the silver lining, the good in the bad days. Start with one positive thought in the day. Think of something you are grateful for in the morning or think of something amazing you did at the end of the day.

Nothing is worth losing your mental and physical health over. Take a pause, recuperate and jump back in, you’ve got this! And well, if you’re burning out, just become the damn inferno!

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