The Power of Virtual Traffic

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At my first ever “proper” job, I asked my employer why our company, that had been in business for over fourteen years, did not have an active social media presence. The last Facebook post they had uploaded was a generic “Monday Motivation” quote typed across a creative that looked like it was designed in the eighties. She replied, “We just don’t see any returns on it, so why waste our time?” I did not have much to say in response at that moment, but after seeing the influence of social media and an online presence, I have grown to understand the power of virtual traffic.

Now, I do not guarantee exponential sales just for uploading some photos on Instagram, but depending on the industry you are in, an effective use of social media and other online tools will, without a doubt, prove beneficial.

1. Information

Evidently, the days of telephone books are long gone and everything is now digital. Chances are that when you need to learn something about a company, all you have to do is tap your smartphone’s screen a couple of times. So when a potential client learns about your business and searches for you, it is important to make sure something meaningful about your firm comes up, especially in competitive markets. SEO content is the perfect way to accomplish this. It may take some time and precision, but it will ultimately be worth it.

2. Branding

At a time when traditional forms of media, like print, radio, and TV, are decreasing in popularity amongst people of all ages, companies have to look to alternative means to get the word out about their business. An online presence is the best way to do that. Build your brand and its image through unique posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram, depending on what your target customer most uses, and “plug in,” or refer to, these online portals whenever you can: client meetings, presentations, or networking events. Your social media provides an inside look at your firm’s processes and personality, which will help you build a relationship with a potential consumer as soon as they Google you.

3. Customer Relationships

With social media, customers have an immediate and direct way to contact your company with their questions or concerns. Not only does the openness of these platforms provide a balance and check for you to deliver the best quality product or service, it helps you build valuable relationships with clients and maintain their loyalty. When you have targeted access to your ideal customer, do not waste the opportunity to initiate contact and cultivate a steady following.

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